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Chocolate Graphics chocolates offer you the chance to really make a difference in the personalized product market. Chocolate Graphics Business Opportunities open the door for you to be in business for yourself, but not by yourself.

Chocolate Graphics chocolates are not only delightfully delicious but each send a very sweet message as well. Each chocolate features a raised chocolate design of the customer's choice. Any design, message, logo or photograph can be put onto the chocolate with a wide range of colours and flavours available.

Each of our chocolates has an embossed chocolate design and uses a process far more advanced than simply printing on chocolate. The Chocolate Graphics process is unique and results in a product that is entirely made of chocolate.

We now have four amazing graphics processes to make chocolates more personalized:

A Product Potential like no other.

Chocolate Graphics personalised chocolates can be used for endless purposes:

These personalized chocolates are the ideal way to celebrate or to give messages of thanks to customers and loved ones. Chocolate Graphics stores around the world have different products and packaging tailored to the specific market of each country. The opportunities for this product are endless.

Nine out of ten people love chocolate and the tenth person always lies!

How does it work?

Chocolate Graphics uses a patent protected process to create chocolates that are not only delicious but are also a great talking point and marketing tool. The process involves embossing a logo, message or photo onto chocolates, using chocolate. The entire product is chocolate. This is a unique feature which results in a superior product.

Showcase: some examples of how Chocolate Graphics chocolates have been used.

Showcase: We are constantly developing new products.

The most enjoyable way to make a profit is with chocolate.

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You can choose to sell more Licenses or Franchises, sell the product and receive sales profits directly, or even make the chocolates yourself! No chocolate making experience is required for the remarkably simple Chocolate Graphics process.

Tailored Product Range

Find the Chocolate Graphics Online Store nearest to you and follow the links to the Chocolate Products Page to view the product range available in your region.


Thank you for the order we placed for our KidStart Conference, we have received the chocolates with "Simply the Best" written on them, and we are very pleased with the end result.

Moira (New Zealand)

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