Art & Design on chocolate



Put Any Logo On Chocolate.

Do you like the idea of using chocolates to promote your business? After all, everyone loves chocolate! Logo chocolates are ideal for hotels, product launches, thank you gifts to clients, promotional tools, served with coffee and even cake toppers! Companies will benefit as their customers will never forget them with this amazing chocolate promotional tool.


Put Any Photo Onto Chocolate.

Now you can make Chocolate Graphics chocolates even more personalized by including a photo! Use a photo on its own or add a message as well. Photo chocolates are ideal for weddings, hotels, product launches, birthdays, anniversaries, tourist locations and every occasion in between. Personalized photo chocolates will be a talking point with this very unique addition!


Make Logos 3D - And In Chocolate.

Add something extra to personalized chocolates by using the Chocolate Graphics 3D process. This unique effect makes images and messages stand out even more as they "jump out" at customers. Each chocolate has an even more raised chocolate design in different heights to emphasize logos and messages. The 3D process is ideal for simple designs that really want to make an impact. No other chocolate product comes close to this process, exclusive to Chocolate Graphics.


Endless posibilities on chocolates.

Chocolate Graphics has developed a new process that enables the surface of the chocolates to be any colour or even have a marble effect! Now chocolates can be made with company or team colours and still have Chocolate Graphics' unique raised design. Weddings, birthdays and functions can now be coloured coordinated right down to dessert. Chocolate Graphics' newest process is already a hit leaving many people amazed at how we do it. The process is a secret but the result isn't!