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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Please find the most common questions about the Chocolate Graphics International Business Opportunity listed below. If you have any further questions or are interested in pursuing a Business Opportunity with Chocolate Graphics International, please contact us at or call + 61 413883366 during Australian business hours.

What form of agreement does a licensee have with Chocolate Graphics International?

The Chocolate Graphics policy is to provide the rights to 'manufacture and distribute' the company's unique chocolate embossing process and products.

What makes Chocolate Graphics International's licensee structure more unique than another similar business?

Chocolate Graphics International provides its licensees with the exclusive rights to the business opportunity. This means you have total control of the growth and contractual protection guaranteeing the Chocolate Graphics International will not appoint other businesses in your territory. This allows flexibility for Licensees to operate their business autonomously.

What advantage does the Patent provide for my Chocolate Graphics business?

Our registered and fully approved Patents make it very difficult for others to reproduce the Chocolate Graphics International technology. This means you can dominate the market with this exclusive property.

For more information on Patents, please visit: 

Do you need previous chocolate manufacturing experience to be appointed as a licensee?

No experience is required as Chocolate Graphics International Licensees are processors of chocolate, not manufacturers.

How simple is the Chocolate Graphics International manufacturing process?

Chocolate Graphics International has invested considerable time and expense in refining the manufacturing process to be as simple as possible.

Is this a multi level marketing type business?

No. Chocolate Graphics International is not a multi level marketing structure. The Chocolate Graphics International business model maintains that Master Licensees have the opportunity to appoint other licensees within their region, however not on a multi level marketing system.

Does Chocolate Graphics International provide training?

Yes. All licensees are required to be trained in the Chocolate Graphics International policy and procedures. The level of training depends on the level of licensee in which you invest. Most licensees are required to be trained in the Chocolate Graphics International manufacturing process. It is a Chocolate Graphics International policy that all licensees have adequate training in a production centre. The location of the production centre is mutually agreed to by both parties.

What are the set up costs?

(a) Regional / Master Licence - Negotiable and depends on the territory and Business Model to be adopted.
(b) Production Centre Licence - Equipment and Licence fee is approximately US$190,000. Please note that a minimum of three months "pre-launch marketing should be carried out by the Licence. You should also allow approximately US$20,000 marketing & operational costs on top of the Equipment & Licence fee (although this will obviously vary up or down - depending on the extent of the campaign and the location).

New franchise opportunities are still available world-wide:

Whether you are interested at a local, regional or national level Chocolate Graphics International has a program that will train and support you to ensure your success.