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New franchise / licensing opportunities are now available to join the highly successful Chocolate Graphics team as it expands world-wide. This is an exciting, profitable and rewarding opportunity to "be in business for yourself, but not by yourself".

Unlike traditional franchising concepts, the Chocolate Graphics licensing structure allows you to mould the business to suit your requirements.

With a Chocolate Graphics License you can utilise our unique patent protected process and strategic marketing systems to manufacture and sell your own completely unique personalized chocolate products.

Chocolate Graphics International Pty Ltd is a successful Australian company, which commenced licensing its unique chocolate manufacturing process in 2003.

Chocolate Graphics International now established Licensees in 26 countries throughout the globe. These include: Australia, Bahrain, California, Costa Rica, Chile, Cyprus, Greece, Japan, Kuwait, Malaysia, Mexico, National Capital Region, Newport Beach, New Zealand, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Singapore, Spain, United Arab Emirates (Dubai), United Kingdom, Vietnam, etc. This innovative patent-protected technology is already proving to be a very profitable business venture for those licensees.

Since launching marketing in the USA, Europe and Asia, the response has been outstanding and Chocolate Graphics International expects similar success in Africa, Eastern Europe and the Americas.

Opportunities still exist at local, state, regional and national levels world-wide for:

Production Centre Licensees- manufacturing Chocolate Graphics products for a set territory.

Master Licensees - developing the Chocolate Graphics manufacturing and marketing for a country.

Regional Master Licensees - developing the Chocolate Graphics industry in a regional area within a country or two or more countries.

Retail Store A prestigious Chocolate Graphics Retail store with the perfect gift for every day of the year! Click here to view more opportunities.

This is your chance to become a part of a new franchise opportunity that can offer you:

Can be operated from your home office.

Your own manufacturing operation.

High sales revenue without high overheads.

The ability to set your workload to suit your lifestyle.

No prior technical experience required (although chocolate eating experience highly recommended!).

The process is remarkably simple and straightforward. Many of our licensees have no prior chocolate making knowledge.

As a Licensee you will receive the following:

Easy to follow production and operational manuals.

On-site training for manufacturing and production.

Marketing support and training systems.

Become part of a team that:

Values its network of licensees.

Provides access to telephone and e-mail support.

Provides motivational sales programs.

Recognises that training makes the difference.

Organises training seminars, promotional, incentive and recognition based campaigns.

Offers international trips for achievers to meet top performers in other countries.

New franchise opportunities are still available world-wide:

Whether you are interested at a local, regional or national level Chocolate Graphics International has a program that will train and support you to ensure your success.

Now you can access our Stage 1 documents by clicking on the link US | Euro

You can either fax the completed and signed documents to +61 755351911 or you can email it to our Administration Manager:

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